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What is Colour Therapy Healing (ChromoTherapy lighting)?

colour therapy healing, color therapy for adultsColour Therapy Healing (ChromoTherapy) is All About How We Can Use Colour in Healing in Certain Conditions. We Know from the eon of time that Colour plays a significant role in setting up a particular mood or state of mind. Colour does affect one’s feelings, moods, and emotions. Chakra Colors are certain wavelengths of elector-magnetic energy seen through our eyes. 7 Chakras Healing is situated in the human body.

The color we see is the part of the visible spectrum that is reflected back by an individual object. We know that when all Colours join the result is white light. Therefore working with White Light brings about the completeness, oneness, union of all integral parts.

Colour Therapy Healing (chromotherapy)

Colour Therapy Healing (chromotherapy) also known as chromo therapy is a gentle non-invasive complementary modality. That can be used to help a wide variety of health issues by supporting the immune system. The digestive and nervous systems. Colour Light Therapy (Chromotherapy) is also very useful for emotional disorders in children.

In the concept of Colour Therapy Healing (chromotherapy). How Colour can be used to assist in healing certain conditions is explained briefly herewith. The frequency and vibration relating to each of the seven spectra. Colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet resonate. With the energy of each of the seven main chakras/energy centers of the body.

Balancing Of Chakras

If you can imagine the chakras as a set of cogs/wheels.7 chakra healing are rather like the workings of a clock or an engine. Each gear/wheel needs to move smoothly for the clock/engine to work properly. Thus, we can achieve good health by balancing these frequencies. Colours to balancing chakras of the energy in each of the bodies are critical for health and well-being. Colour Light Therapy can help to re-balance and stimulate these energies by introducing the appropriate Colour. To the body and therefore re-balance our chakras.

In Colour Therapy Healing (chromotherapy) we check the individual’s need for a particular Colour or combination of colors. Those may be solid Colours or clear colors. We have seen in various studies that certain Colours correspond to certain ailments and health disorders.

To reverse conditions, complementary Colours are introduced to induce balance. Colour Therapy Healing (chromotherapy) is used as a system cleanser to unblock the natural flow of energy. chromotherapy is important to identify the cause of an illness so that it is dispersed at a deep level. By addressing the cause, the body re-adjusts itself naturally.

Chakra Colors and Meanings

Chakra Colors are RED -Activates, vitalizes, intensifies, releases blocked energy, produces collagen-
It is the longest wavelength and penetrates the deepest. We use it for rheumatics, arthritic pain, liver stimulant, LBP, pigmentation, stretch marks, and circulation. 650-780nm – root Chakra Colors therapy.Colour Light Therapy,Chakra Colors, chakras meaning,7 chakras healing,

ORANGE Chakra Colour:

 Orange Chakra Colors restore, animates, warms, stimulates, works more gently than red. Building up energy step by step. Unlocks deadlocked processes, cheers up. Those who love orange are more creative and love cooking. It helps puffy skin, spleen, a hernia, muscle prolapse, sinus,
It represents the spleen, gut energy center, and eating. 570-650nm – sacral chakra.

YELLOW Chakra Colour:

Yellow Chakra Colors fortify, tones, opens, brightens, stimulates without exciting, extends energy. reinforces weak processes, loosens overly rigid structures, strengthens the nerves. stimulates connective tissue, eczema, flatulence, lymph drainage, skin troubles, nervous exhaustion. It represents the central nervous system 510-700nm – solar plexus chakra.

GREEN Chakra Colour:

Green Chakra Colors Equalizer, relaxes, calms down, keeps physical and mental energy dynamically balanced. Releases tensed-up, painful processes, brings profound serenity. Recent studies have shown it to be safe for acne lesions. It helps heart problems, HBP, burns, cuts, bruises, pigmentation 475-510nm – heart chakra Colour.

BLUE Chakra Colour:

Blue Chakra Colors reduce inflammation (as in acne). Recent studies into the use of blue light suggest that it may be useful in preventing or controlling suggests that it may be helpful in preventing or controlling periodontal conditions. Which can result in the loss of bone and teeth? We have also discovered that blue produces restful sleep. Insomnia, sunburn, a toothache, rashes, laryngitis. It also soothes, focuses, cools down, collects and structures energy. re-regulates hyperactive, inflammatory and derailing processes, brings serenity and clarity. 445-475nm – throat chakra.

INDIGO Chakra Colour:

Indigo Chakra Colors Raise concentration, Detoxing, and cooling. It strengthens lymphatics, muscle toning, reduces bleeding, astringent. Has the high level of vibration, is known for its effect on eyes, ear, nose, throat, and sinuses. lungs, a migraine, sinuses. 400-445nm – brow chakra.

VIOLET Chakra Colour:

Violet Chakra Colors inspire, attenuates, transforms energy on a higher level. Supports mental processes, relaxes the nerves, soothes nervous irritations and relieves pain. It aids HBP, acne blemishes, lymph drainage. neuralgia, muscle relaxer, rheumatics, rosacea, sciatica, anti-inflammatory.

Healing With Home Colours

Healing with Colour Therapy Healing or the art of healing with Colour has been practiced for eons.

The Colour is only light broken up into various wavelengths. With each Colour having its wavelength of electromagnetic energy that is seen through our eyes.

Healing with a Colour energy of a rainbow separate because each Colour has a different wavelength. Red has the longest wavelength and the slow going frequency. Violet has the shortest wavelength and the fastest frequency.

Colors are connected with our feelings and emotions, they have the impact on our sense of well-being. We use Colours as a way of self-expression. Colors have symbolic meanings that differ from culture to culture, and Colours affect our way of perception.

So while we may all agree that Colour can have the strong effect on perceptions, feelings, and interactions not everyone will agree on what those effects are. Different Colours evoke different emotions, memories. And emotions in individuals so when it comes to choosing colors for your home you have to to go with your gut, as you know what’s best for you. You are the one who feels what you feel.

Importance Of Colour

I love the color, and I love the idea of Colour therapy. It makes sense to me and what I have learned from spending. So, much time with people in their homes designing splash backs for their kitchen or other spaces. Is that Colour is important, people want to bring Colour into their home to invoke a feeling of joy. And happiness and to bring meaning and to drive inspiration into their life. Many kitchen designs are today created with neutral tones, White’s, black’s, Gray’s, Brown’s, creams and beige. The most common thing that my clients say is “everything is so neutral. So, I want to bring some Colour into space”, Coloured bench tops, cupboards, walls, and flooring are a thing of the past. When it comes to kitchen design and it works, although. It can feel empty, cold and disconnected.Some life and energy back into space.

Explore Colours

We create our designs with Colour therapy in mind. We look at the area, get to know our clients and work together on the establishment of a splash back. That incorporates Colour that connects with space and surrounding environment and with. Colors that connect intimately with our customers. We explore the meaning of Colours together with our customers with the aim. That they left with a positive feeling from their splash back. That can continuously bring a joyous healing energy into their home.

7 Chakras Healing

7 Chakras Healing helps you overcome any Challenge, whether Physical, Emotional or Spiritually. On your Health, Wealth, and Happiness, 7 Chakras Healing impact.

  1. Root Chakra: located at the base of the spine-Bright red in Colour.
  2. Sacral Chakra Is present about two inches below the navel Colour is Orange. Click Here for more details
  3. Navel Chakra Is present in the upper stomach, below the rib cage. The bright yellow. Click Here for more details
  4. Heart Chakra Is present in the middle of the chest. Emerald Green Colour. Click Here for more details
  5. Throat Chakra Is at the bottom of the throat clear Blue Colour. Click Here for more details
  6. Third Eye Chakra situated in the middle of the forehead Spiritual indigo Coloured. Click Here for more details
  7. Crown Chakra placed at the top of the head Colour associated Violet. Click Here for more details

Hence, if you need to align your chakras and bring harmony into your life, book your Colour Therapy session. Here


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