Aura Chakra Healing

aura chakrra healing

Aura Caura chakrra healinghakra Healing

In Aura Chakra Healing each chakra works at its optimum level making us feel healthy and vital. There are Seven major chakras for doing Healing like Aura Chakra Healing, Chakra meditation etc.

Chakras And Their Meanings

The word Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word Chakram. Which means wheel. We Can define Chakras as spinning wheels or vortices of light.

They are focal points of energy. They form, where power lines crisscross in the bodies.

Seven Major Chakras

Seven main Chakras are located along the central column of the bodies. Beginning at the base of the spine, climbing to the crown of your head.Aura Chakra Healing,chakra healing,Seven major chakras

We can see the Seven major chakras of the body with the naked eyes only by psychics or through an Aura Analysis. Although the West is fast exploring this fascinating science. The knowledge and treatment of chakras have been followed in India for millennia. Forming the basis of many systems of meditation. Like Aura Chakra Healing, chakra meditation, healing yoga, and self-awareness.

Each major Chakra corresponds to an endocrine gland in the physical body. For example, the heart chakra is connected to the thymus gland, the throat chakra to the thyroid and so on. Made up of pure energy, each chakra vibrates at a particular frequency. The chakra automatically grows sluggish or hyperactive, causing corresponding discomfort or dis-ease in the area of our life that corresponds to the chakra.

In a  balanced seven major chakras system which  (chakra meditation). Each chakra works at its optimum level, making us feel healthy and vital. A simple technique to temporarily clear the chakras is to have a dip in the sea or a salt water bath. For chakra system and considerable relief outdoors time spending is recommended.

For lasting solutions. Though, you have to work with the chakra at a core level to cleanse. And heal the source of the imbalance. While a lot of people enjoy working with crystals, gemstones, and chanting mantras unless we deal with the cause. There is a high chance that the situation will reoccur.

Chakra Meditation

We have designed Chakra Meditation program toaura chakra healing help you at every level. It takes you on a journey deep within your Chakras to cleanse, heal and balance them, showing you. How to use this incredible energy system as a vehicle for spiritual growth and self-realization. You learn to resolve issues on the physical, mental and emotional level. You get to choose the place at which you want to work with your energy.

Crystal Healing

In crystal healing, stones are assigned various propertiescrystal healing. Though healers have different ideas about which stones possess which properties. Amethyst, for example, is believed by some to be beneficial for the intestines; green Aventine helps the heart; yellow topaz provides mental clarity. Colors red through violet are associated with seven chakra points on the body.

Seven Major Chakras

Root Chakra is present at the base of the spine. Bright red in color 

Sacral Chakra is present about two inches below the navel Colour is Orange Click Here from more details
Navel Chakra is present at the upper stomach, below the rib cage. The bright yellow Click Here from more details

Heart Chakra is present in the middle of the chest. Emerald Green Colour Click Here from more details

Throat Chakra is at the bottom of the throat clear Blue Colour Click Here from more details

Third Eye Chakra Is present in the middle of the forehead Spiritual indigo color Click Here for more details
Crown Chakra Is present at the top of the head Colour is Violet Click Here from more details

To align your chakras and bring harmony into your life book your Aura Chakra Healing session click here.


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