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Spiritual Healing is many times individuals have external energies present spiritual healing(attached entities). These are disembodied consciousnesses of dead humans. And foreign energies that can affect individuals by attaching to their subconscious minds. They cause negative physical and emotional problems. If this is the case. The Subconscious mind. Cannot be effectively reached. And the entity causes interference with the client’s therapy.

Regressing or doing psychotherapy on the entity will not benefit the client. Because the results will not last. The entities block the Subconscious Mind. And therefore their removal is essential for lasting results. No attachment is a good attachment to have. No matter who it is. Earthbound spirits attached to an individual. Bring the energy of their death. The energy of any fears or sickness. The energy of their addictions. And any other negative baggage of their life with them. Even if it is a belove family member. They still bring with them all of this negative energy. Having any attachment drains. The energy of its host. It is parasitic. If the spirit brought the client’s problems. The client will free from. The spirit’s troubles after removal.

Identifying & Releasing Foreign Energy

It was an interesting fall energetically. Many of the people.law of attraction I worked with talked about how difficult it was. For them to ground themselves. This left them feeling rather out of control. And vulnerable to unpleasant emotional swings. And mental confusion. It soon became apparent to me. That the theme for the month. Was all about facing our inner demons. And doing the deeper integrative work needed to establish. A clearer mind. And a better sense of balance spiritually. Mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Much of the energy getting in the way of grounding was deeply unconscious. Mental-emotional junk that the ego-personality wanted to avoid.  Why? Because it was associated with pain. Loss of control, hopelessness, helplessness, and so forth.  Most of it was very old. And had to do with traumatic experiences. Or accidents in childhood and infancy. Sometimes it was even older than that. And was tied to unfinished business from other lifetimes. Many people had to find new levels of neutrality. And forgiveness within themselves as they reviewed. How their thoughts, beliefs, values. And behavioral patterns were working for them.

In quite a few instances. I came across what I call a “flat effect” as. We explored this mental-emotional junk together.  A flat-effect resembles a catatonic state. Where the person displays absolutely no mental. Or the emotional response to an experience, memory, or query. This is always a red flag for me. As a spiritual counselor and healer. Once I see it. I know we are dealing with deeply unconscious foreign energies. And entities entrenched within the person’s psyche. What is foreign energy? It is energy that did not originate within that person. And is not native to that indwelling spirit.  It came into their consciousness. Because they either actively chose to bring it in. Or passively didn’t know how to keep it out.

Fear and judgment, for example, are very “contagious” energies. That we easily absorb into our systems. The nightly news counts on this experience every night. It’s a great way to control and manipulate people.  Keep them afraid and focus on how helpless they are. And they become powerless. Needy, and highly programmable.  And like all emotions, fear. And judgment is very magnetic. Consequently, they attract and grow “like” energy. And various low-level. Or low-functioning astral entities vibrating. At those same frequencies. Can actually become attached to us. We often even invite them. In under the mistaken belief. That they will protect us from the source. Of whatever is frightening us.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction works. On both positive and negative energies. So it’s important to clean house regularly. Removing this foreign energy. And/or consciousness from our psyche. Creates room for us to bring in new levels of creative freedom.  As we release all of the energy tied up. In maintaining the old agreements and patterns. We are finally able to begin. Creating new experiences from a higher perspective.  Whether or not you relate. To the concept of foreign “beings”. Or entities is not important to taking this step.

What is important. Is tracking down emotional, behavioral. And repetitive negative thought patterns. That create a feeling of being stuck. And prevent personal growth and awareness.  Any place where you feel. Hopeless, powerless. Or like you “don’t want to be here anymore”. Is an arrow pointing right? At this type of energy.  The trick in releasing. It is to discover what the. Subconscious psycho-emotional pay-off. Has been for you to have that energy in your space. Once you find that. You can change your mind. You can move that energy out. And make a new choice.

Law of attraction work can be challenging. And foreign energy. And beings can be hard to spot. Especially if they’ve been around since early childhood.  Often a trained neutral third party is helpful.  If you feel drawn to explore this further. And would like assistance with this process. Please feel free to contact me. I’d love to be able to be of service.

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