Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression the recent past through Past Life RegressionDr Brian Weiss and local television channels, this ancient science of Past Lives has been used over the ages by mystics as part of their spiritual growth experience. Reincarnation has long been accepted as a part of life, both in the West and the East.

From discovering the cause of phobias to understanding our long history with family members, Past Life Regression provides answers to some of the life’s perplexing questions.

For some of us, the fascination to unravel the past comes from vivid dreams, phobias and unexplained fears, whether it is of drowning or fire or falling from heights. The widely accept a theory. Is that the strong memory of these. Drastic events are stored in our cellular memory. Certain events in our current lifetime trigger these memories. Depending on our state of mind, these memories can be frightfully painful. Or bring about a healing closure to the past.

Of course, good memories are also stored here. Making us feel completely at home. In certain places. Inexplicably drawing us to certain people. And urges us to seek out our soul mate.

Being able to make peace with the events of the past brings about a spiritual healing, freeing up a lot of emotional energy which can be channelled constructively towards projects that are important to you in the here and now, ultimately bringing you into alignment with your life purpose.

Past Life Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Past Life Recall and Past Life Meditation along with Lucid Dreaming are the more popular methods of accessing Past Life Memories.

Our specially designed Past Life Sessions take you on a journey into your past. You will learn how to access lifetimes with ease and detachment, gain information about yourself and make peace with the incidents of the past so that you can get on with the important process of living this lifetime fully and fearlessly.

Creating a safe environment with personal attention, ensuring a sense of completion with the past and empowering individuals to face reality with calmness and understanding, is what our trained past life therapists help individuals achieve through Past Life Regression Therapy.

Past Life Regression Experience

Past life regression often elicits feelings of experience in Past Life Regression Experiencepeople. You may actually feel like you are the person you were in a past life, during your session. And you may feel that you have that body again or are with the people you knew in that lifetime. Or you may also see images in your mind – like movie pictures of your own past life. Some people receive other sensory sensations. Such as familiar odours, sounds, tastes. And environmental sensations such as textures, weather, social situations.

The sensations you get might be very inconspicuous or extremely distinctive. Since the lives that do rise to the top are extremely appropriate to the difficulties, gifts, circumstances, partners and to such an extent that you have in this life, it is advantageous to truly focus on your experience. Ordinarily, individuals don’t put some distance between their present self amid these sessions. You will more than likely still know you will be you, experiencing a past life session. Be that as it may, this will be blended with the inclination that you are another you, in somewhere else and time too.

Sometimes people re-experience trauma and pain from their past life. If this comes when you regress, try to relax and just go with it. And if you become agitated or traumatized from it, the experience of recall will not fulfil its purpose. Or if a trauma does come into your consciousness, it is significant to your life now. Believers of reincarnation know that we have all died many many times. You are not going to remember every death your soul has experienced. But you may experience one that is very important to you now. The role of the regression therapist is to help you remember the important situations and then process what you remember. Often, the simple process of recall is a big step forward to healing ailments, emotional scars, and challenges that plague you in this life. We tend to repeat what we do not process. ”.

Past Life Regression Benefits

People elect to explore their past lives for a number of Past Life Regression Benefitsreasons. The most common our need for self-discovery and understanding. Regression therapists have successfully helped people regress and come to terms with several areas of themselves. Regression can help you become aware of:

  • Your present life purpose and plan
  • Your connection to your parents, siblings and other important relationships
  • The cause of your fears, feelings of guilt, anger, phobias
  • In Past life memories that may be affecting your health
  • Our Past life talents, knowledge, and abilities
  • Past life trauma and death experiences
  • Your between lives experiences
  • Connecting to your spiritual guides and deceased loved ones
  • Healing grief and loss
  • Understanding your attraction to certain lands, people, interests
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