Our Best Energy Healing Services

Energy Healing Services

3Our Best Energy Healing Services

(Each time you read you will gain deeper understanding of  process)

We do DNA Voice Scanning. Which You can Get Answer to any of your Questions. Over the phone with Divine. Intuitive clairvoyant abilities & Scientific DNA (VOICE) SCANNING. And Other Instruments for Individual. Organization as well.

 Get Heal Pin Pointedly

At DNA Energy Level. Without giving any of your details. Like Photo astrology or horoscope. Know Pin Pointedly. What kind of issues. Or difficulties you are facing in your life. Or Business like.

Business, Finance, Litigation (Disputes Court case) / Loan Repayment Debt Recovery /Property.
Compatibility Analysis for Love Marriage. Family, Relationships Foreign Education Immigration.
Job, choosing Right Career, Career Planning.  Forecasting
Progeny (Children) & Mahurat (Auspicious Time) Etc.

By Divine Intuitive Clairvoyant. You can know what is BEST/ LUCKY for you

With Divine, Intuitive Clairvoyance Know. What suits your energy level. Like Astrology, Numerology, Gemology, Matrimonial Alliances, Career, Partnership, Properties. Medicines, Doctor & Treatment etc.

Get Healed Pin Pointedly

With SATGURUS GRACE. Different types of clairvoyant abilities. Get Scanned Pin Pointedly to know. If you have  KALSARP, PETRA, SHARP. DRISHTI, BHOOMI, GRAHA, VASTU DOSH. BLACKMAGIC, EVIL SPRIT. Numerology Astro-Vastu, Geopathic, Aura, Chakra, Etc. At Cellular D N A Level with Scientific SCANNING Instruments.

As this are mostly. Root reasons of different types of Stress. Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Problems. Fear, Phobia, Addictions, Other Psychological.  Psychiatric Disorder etc.

You will know the Doshas along with the effect. Of that, you are facing in your life. So this will give you authentic. And confirmation that what is getting scanned for you. Is completely accurate.

With Satgurus Grace. Divine Intuitive Clairvoyance You will Know 30-40 Answers to Questions. Which your heart wants to know. And the root reasons of challenges you are facing. In your life along with if you have any physical discomforts in your Bodies. (Mental, Physical, Aural/Energy) , e.g. Diseases or Pains. (Pin Pointedly) And much more.

WE ARE EXPERT IN TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION. By sending Divine Energy Sprits. WHICH GENTLY ENCOURAGES A REMOTE PERSON. OR GROUP OF PEOPLE TO DO THINGS. OUR WAY IN A MUTUAL WIN-WIN MANNER. Ex: Business Deals, Solving Property Disputes. Legal Matters, Relationship Issues etc.

We do not fall sick in one day. Or we can say Sickness does not happen. Comes in a single day. The diseases are disturbances seen in the Bio field. Aura much before ailments strike. Past injuries remain as weakness. And scars in our Aura & Sometimes in Physical Body. As well.

Regular cleansing and rejuvenation of your Aura Healing. Is the fastest way of improving your quality of life.

In our life, come across moments. When we feel that things are not going well. So we start seeking Help of various Metaphysical Practitioner. But in these days there are too many practitioners. Dealing in Astrology, Numerology, Vastu. Energy Healings, Graphology etc.

One cannot understand which one will suit them. Or give Effective, Fast & Easy Results.


At our Center. We are the consultant for More than 72 DIFFERENT TYPESGet Healed Pin Pointedly  OF REMEDIAL Healings MODALITIES and. At energy level. And with Divine Intuition.  We see which one will give you Effective. Fast & Easy Results. So we give Healing consultation. On those modalities only which will give you. Effective, Fast & Easy Results.

With our Consultancy services. You can also know. What is suiting you? Or not suiting you like. Your Business, Profession, Partner, Matrimonial Compatibility, Place, Doctor, Medicines & Treatments Etc.

Also with our Divine Intuitive Clairvoyance & Scanning process etc, you can get to know:

• Are they getting accept?
• Did they start giving you desired result?
• How much percentage of effect will be coming?
• In how much time etc and so on?

(With Satgurus Grace You will Know 30-40 Answers to Questions which your heart wants to know also you will know if you have any physical discomforts in your Bodies like Diseases or Pains etc (Pin Pointedly)
You will get Answers to Question  for the problems which  your facing in your life

We do all the Healing. With authentic Proofs of  Aura Photography. If desire so that you are 100% Satisfy.

All our Karmic Healings are done from root level. From past lifeDivine Intuitive Clairvoyance to Kosha D N A Energy level. With the combination of Modern Scientific System. Vedic process.

Plus, Note: All our Services are with 100% satisfaction. Money Back Guarantee. As we have complete faith. And confidence in our system. That it works miraculously.

Specializations with Satgurus Grace

1. Get Answer to your Questions. Over the phone with Divine Intuitive Clairvoyance & Scientific DNA (VOICE) SCANNING & Other Instruments.

2.  Get known Pin Pointedly. What kind of issues or difficulties you are facing in your life. Get Healed Pin Pointedly. @ DNA Energy Level without giving any photograph. Astrology or horoscope details of yours. (You will get Answers to Question your heart knows & you know)

3. We do Vastu changes without DEMOLITIONS or MODIFICATIONS. (By putting yantras and Minerals etc which are scientifically proven.) To make your place. Energized as a frequency of a Temple (Your House becomes Temple) for confirmation. We can take before & after Aura Snaps. Click Here for more details & Image

4. We provide properties remote clearing. Divine Energy Healings & Programming for properties. Land, buildings for Sale & Purchase. People, business, and situations. Like negotiations, court cases, and travel.

5. We are also expert in clearing Geopathic Stress & EMF Radiation Solutions of Mobile Towers. Mobile, TV, Microwaves, and Air Conditioners Etc. Click Here for more details

6. WE DO LOGO ANALYSIS & DESIGNING at the energy level. Logo Analysis will help you understand. The subtle aspects of what energy signal. Your company in projecting, like fortune Success. Prosperity & harmony both to the company. As well as to your employees. Click Here for more details.

7. By Energy Analysis. We Understand your Strong Auric Panch Tattva and. Advice your investment of yours. Strong Tattva. So that you should make sure shot Profits in your investments etc.

We also do your Financial Energy Planning, Equity / Capital / Money Market instrument investment Planning. Based on your Strong Auric Panchtatva. And also scan like where to Invest. How to invest when to invest. And how much to invest in particular sectors etc.

8. We guide in understanding. And clearing the root cause obstacles for getting Loans. Or guide in clearing loans etc. At energy level.

9. We also guide in Mergers & Acquisitions, Funding for Corporates. Merchant BankingFinancial Energy Solutions to take the right decisions. As every small decision in this deals. Will be of great importance.

10. We do Business Energy Healings also. Undertake Project of Loss Making Establishments. By understanding the gaps in the organization. By scanning the Employee Management, Infrastructure, Production, Sales. And other metaphysical parameters. Like Black Magic, Spirits, Vastu Issues etc. At energy level.

With Our Services of Business Energy Healings & Divine Intuitive Clairvoyance. We can not only improve growth of the company. But also can get a loss-making unit into the profit center. By scanning and understanding the potential of the Establishment. And make use of them. At optimum levels. And adding the more divine connection. Grace to the organization.

We also do Dream Therapy. By which you can clear some of your emotional pains. Our Best of Energy Healing Services.

Call now from any part of WORLD. For phone Appointment. And get F R E E-consultation. To know about your physical body discomforts. To get faith in our system that it works Miraculously.

Know what is BEST/ LUCKY for you. What suits to your energy level. Like your Astrology, Numerology, Gemology, Matrimonial Alliances, Career, Partnership & Property etc.

  1. Make your Vastu/Geopathic (Earth Radiation) Changes done without D E M O L I T I O N S. M O D I F I C A T I O N S at your place. To make it as Energized as a Temple. (By putting yantras & Minerals etc. Which are scientifically proven.)
  2. Know why the Business in giving losses. Or why your Health is affecting.
  3. Get your Portfolio Management & Financial Energy Planning, Done.
  4. Is your Temple giving Divine Vibrations also? Know Which part of your house has Negativity.
  5. Ask for Aura-Biofield photo to confirm Authenticity. Of the above & much more.
  6.  We do matchmaking Services for Finding a match & Healing. To Attract Partner of your choice.
Get Heal Pin Pointedly for KALSARP, PITRA, SHARP, DRISHTI (Evil Eye), BHOOMI, GRAHA. VASTU DOSH, BLACK MAGIC, EVIL SPRIT, Numerology, AstroVastu, Geopathic, Aura, Chakra, Etc. At Cellular D N A Level with Scientific SCANNING. Instruments for Achieving Health Wealth Happiness.

Get Heal Now. All this and much more. Just over Phone without giving any of your Photos Astrology or Horoscope details of Our Best of Energy Healing Services.

Because of the shift in earth dimension. We are living in the times now when all can be Heal.

One Stop Center. For all your Physical, Mental. Emotional Needs.

For Phone Appointment. Mobile consultation for our Services call. Or message us on what’s app on mobile number (00) +91 8121647878

To Know. More about. What is Aura Scanning & How to Do Aura Scanning? Click Here
To Know. More About us. What is Aura Healings & How to Do Aura Healings? Click Here
Make a Request for D N A Voice Scanning. By opting Online Payment Option: Click Here
Make a Request for Aura Scanning.By opting Online Payment Option: Click Here
Welcome to our service. Get Healed Pin Pointedly
Dhan Satguru Dev
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