Navel Chakra

Navel Chakra

Navel Chakra
Navel Chakra

The Third Chakra. Often refers to as. The Navel Chakra. Is position at the. Navel region. And it has ten petals. Which match the. Vrittis of spiritual ignorance. Thirst, jealousy. Treachery, shame. Fear, disgust, delusion. Foolishness and sadness.

Manipura is the associate. With dynamism. Energy, and will-power (Itcha Shakti.). It is the associate. With the power of fire. And digestion. Manipura is said to radiate. And distribute prana. To the rest of the body. In this sense. It is roughly similar to. The Chinese idea. Of the dan tian. In qigong.

It is associated with the following:

  • Deities: Vahni, Rudra, Lakini
  • Element: Fire
  • Color: Yellow
  • Animal: Ram
  • Body Parts: Pancreas, Stomach. Liver, Small Intestine. Digestion, Blood Sugar. Eyes, Feet.
  • Planet: Sun & Mars

Solar Plexus Chakra

Representing Color. Yellow

Body Location. Midway between. The navel. And the base. Of the sternum.

Main Characteristic. Fire is the element of the Manipura. Fire purifies the past. And energizes progress towards. Mental awareness. And spiritual development. This chakra is where. We get our “gut instincts”. That signal us what to do. When we need guidance.

Solar Plexus Chakra in balance

 A balanced Solar Plexus. Chakra boosts. Self-esteem. Respect for Solar Plexus Chakraothers. Calmness & initiative. You feel friendly. Joyful and confident. A balanced. Chakra helps you. Live a deeply fulfilling emotional life. And take an outgoing. Sociable attitude to the world.  It helps you feel daring. And confident. And able to take risks. Hence this chakra. Is the associate. With the leader. The explorer. And the charismatic individual.

The Solar Plexus Chakra out of balance

An unbalanced Solar. Plexus Chakra. Can threaten your self-confidence. And invite concerns. About what. Others think of you. Lack of yellow energy. May cause depression. And confusion. That also have bodily manifestations. Such as digestive, liver. And respiratory problems.

Balance your Solar Plexus Chakra. Ways to strengthen your yellow energy:

  • Awaken lost curiosities; develop your photographic memory. Do puzzles, pick up an old hobby.
  • Regenerate your sense of smell. Use aromatherapy extract oils. Like rosemary, grapefruit, and orange.
  • Wear a gold bracelet or necklace. Or carry with you yellow gemstones. Like Amber or Topaz.
  • Find the time to be outdoors. And bask in the yellow energy of the sun.

Navel Chakra Balancing

When our emotions are in turmoil. Our health is compromised. Work to balance the flow of energy. In all energy centres. And allow yourself. A life filled with joy. Satisfaction, happiness, and wealth.

Chakra characteristics: Chakras are influenced by things. Like colors, gemstones. And aromas. And impact important elements. Such as ours. Courage, strength. Our ability to heal. Self-esteem. Expressive, creativity. And even the will to live.

Manipura or the Navel Chakra. Is located. At the upper stomach. Just below your rib cage. The bright yellow Manipura. Works to influence. Your mental attitude. Enabling you to be. Good-natured. Contented and happy. In whatever. You choose to do. This chakra controls the stomach. Liver, digestion, nerves. Muscles and gall bladder. Disturbances in this chakra cause fear. Lack of confidence, perfectionism. Diabetes, ulcers. And digestive disorders.

seven major chakras

Root Chakra. Is located at the base of the spine. Bright red in color

Sacral Chakra. Is situated about two inches. Below the navel Colour is Orange Click Here from more details
Navel Ckakra. Is located at the upper stomach. Below rib cage. The bright yellow Click Here from more details

Heart Chakra. Is situated in the middle of the chest. Emerald Green Colour Click Here from more details

Throat Chakra. Is at the bottom of the throat. Clear Blue Colour Click Here from more details

Third Eye Chakra. Is in the middle of the forehead. Spiritual indigo coloured Click Here from more details
Crown Chakra. Is at the top of the head. Colour associated Violet Click Here from more details

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D h a n Satguru Dev

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