Karmic Healing

We can Change Karma

Karmic Healing

Karmic Healing is a very divine Process. Based on our Give and take( law of Cause and Effect ). In our past life or present lifetimes. We accumulate Karma either Positive or Negative.

Law of Cause and Effect

Karma is the manifestation of the law Of Cause and Effect. It applies as the consequences of our decisions. And actions within a framework of free will.

In Karmic Healing. We scan the deep rooted issues of you. Difficulties you are facing in your life. Based on your Voice DNA Scanning. Other Scientific Instruments. Just over the phone. Without taking any of your Astrological details.

Connected Matching Doshas

And in scanning process will tell you the connected Matching Doshas. Of this life and past life like KALSARP, PETRA, SHARP, DRISHTI, BHOOMI, GRAHA, VASTU DOSH, BLACK MAGIC, EVIL SPRIT, Numerology Astro-Vastu, Geopathic, Aura, Chakra, Etc at Cellular DNA Level with Scientific SCANNING Instruments

Karmic Healing law of Cause and Effect

And once Doshas is identified. It can be healed as well with Satgurus Grace.

Thankful to Shift in Earth energies. As this is an Era when. Everything can be healing.


We do Distant Healing with Divine Intuitive Psychic Wisdom & Scientific SCANNING Instruments

DNA Voice Scanning: At D N A Level you can get Answer to any of your Questions. Over the phone with the help. Of Divine Intuitive Clairvoyance & Scientific (V O I C E) S C A N N ING. Other Instruments.

You can know Pin Pointedly. What kind of issues or difficulties you are facing in your life. Like Family / Financial/Business etc. Can be Heal Pin Pointedly @ DNA Energy Level. Without giving any of your details. Like Photo astrology or horoscope details.

Know what is BEST/ LUCKY for you what suits your energy level. Like  Astrology, Gemology, Matrimonial Alliances, Career, Partnership & Properties, etc.

(With Satgurus Grace You will know 30-40 Answers to Questions. Which your heart wants to know. Also, you will know if you have any physical discomforts in your Bodies. Like Diseases or Pains, etc. (Pin Pointedly) For More Details see our Website Page. https://smsenergyhealings.com/our-services/

At our Center. We are the consultant for More than 72 DIFFERENT TYPES  OF REMEDIAL HEALING MODALITIES, and. At energy level. We see which one will give you Effective. Fast & Easy Results. So we provide healing consultation on those modalities. Only which will give you Effective, Fast & Easy Results.

With our Consultancy services. You can also know. What is suiting you or not to be suiting you? Like your Business, Profession, Partner, Matrimonial Compatibility, Place, Doctor, Medicines, Treatments Etc.

Also Get Healed for KALSARP, PETRA, SHARP, DRISHTI (Evil Eye), BHOOMI, G R A H A, VASTU DOSH, BLACK MAGIC, EVIL SPRIT, Numerology, AstroVastu, Geopathic, Aura, Chakra, Etc. At Cellular D N A Level with Scientific SCANNING Instruments. For Achieving Health Wealth Happiness.

By using our Services of Karmic Healing. And spiritual laws of Cosmic Energy Healing. The realization of plans and projects. And the overall implementation of labor relations. Can be made easier.

All this and much more. Just over Phone. Without giving any of your Photos Astrology. Or Horoscope details.

For More Details See our Website Pages:DNA Voice Scanning , Business Energy HealingOur Services

Dhan  Satguru  Dev

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