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Inner Child Healing

The Inner Child Healing, Inner child therapy, Transpersonal Therapy is a form of regression therapy use Inner Child Healingby hypnotherapists. And healing counselors to help their clients resolve old childhood issues. That are interfering with the advancement into maturity. It works relates to getting in touch with stages of our developmental growth. That were wound or stunt due to stimuli or intensity. This type of therapy helps the adult identify the reasons. Why she experiences strong emotional reactions to something or someone. Integration work allows the therapist to move a client to explore deeper parts of the psyche. The process allows the client to understand their inner myths. And the emotional and attitudinal patterns that unconsciously influence their physical.

Mental and emotional behavior. Because of these life scripts or beliefs, problems. And patterns are repeated on many developmental levels. We approach resolution in many ways. It can be necessary to work at various age levels. The present, the past or prenatal levels. The mental, Emotional and physical levels often need to be explored to relieve symptoms. Therefore, Various therapeutic models need to be used.

Inner Child Therapy

Healing the Inner Child is a powerful therapeutic Inner Child Therapyexperience. Under hypnosis, it goes safely back to painful events. Where the child develops unhealthy coping mechanisms. That help him survive then. But prevent him to be fulfilled in adulthood. Once those dysfunctional patterns of behavior are identified. And explain, they are transforming. 

Healing begins with getting to the source of any pain. Whether it is physical, mental or emotional. Growing up we all experience. A range of positive and negative family dynamics. We subconsciously absorb like sponges.

The hold these memories have on us keep us stuck in life patterns. That are no longer serving us. And limit our ability to fulfill our potential. And be at peace with ourselves. Escaping from a prison of toxic conditioning. Requires dedicated attention to identifying the patterns.

Once we can identify these wound producing stories. We can reframe them. So that healing can occur. If we were raised with parents or caregivers that had their own challenges, it is likely that they were not able to give us the love, the attention and the nurturing every child deserves.

It is important to realize that our parents or caregivers were all doing the best they could at their own level of consciousness. We are not responsible for any of their actions, failings or neglect. It was not their fault nor is it yours.

A child who has experienced traumas, grief, abuse will have some frozen parts of himself that will control the adult in a negative way through lack of confidence, uncontrolled fears, self-sabotaging. A child who has integrated negative comments and limiting beliefs may be unable to realize his full potential as an adult. 

We integrate our scolding parent’s voice in our Inner Adult also. And most of the time, this inner voice scolds the child, sometimes nonstop. If we listen to our inner dialogue, also we can hear ourselves tell the child what it is doing wrong or how it is not good enough. We need to allow our Inner Adult to become loving and nurturing to our child.

A Healing the Inner Child session allows you to reconnect with you Inner Child and safely revisit the painful memories that hold you back. These events are explained and reframe by your Inner Adult with love and support.  Then your Inner Child, feeling love and accept just as he/she is, is given the resources and strengths he/she needs to grow up.

Transpersonal Therapy

Transpersonal Therapy is appropriate with clients who present symptoms that may originate in a childhood lacking in love or emotional support, such as:

– The general lack of confidence.
– Insecurity.
– Low self-esteem.
– Emotional and relationship problems.
– Eating disorders.

and in certain cases:
– Depression.
– Weight.
– OCD.
– IBS.
– Stammering.

The Inner Child process is also the ideal gentle healing and non-invasive way to prepare the client who has or may have been abused for subsequent more direct or confrontational sessions if require. At the same time, the client may very well gain from their inner child more insight into what actually did happen. The wound that needs to heal is thought of as being the result of being raised in a shame-base, emotionally dishonest, spiritually hostile environment by parents who were raised in a shame-base, emotionally dishonest, spiritually hostile environment. The ‘disease’ which afflicts us is a generational disease that is the human condition as we have inherited it. Our parents did not know how to be emotionally honest or how to truly love themselves. So there is no way that we could have to learn those things from them. We form our core relationship with ourselves in early childhood and then built our relationship with ourselves on that foundation.

It is through healing our inner child that we can change our behavior patterns and clear our emotional process also. We can release the grief with its pent-up rage, also shame, terror, and pain from those feeling places which exist within us.”

“Our broken hearts, our emotional wounds, our scrambled minds, and our subconscious programming, cause the abandonment of self, the abandonment of our own inner child – and that inner child is the gateway to our channel to the Higher Self also.

“It is necessary to own and honor the child who we were in order to Love the person we are. The only way to do that is to own that child’s experiences, honor that child’s feelings, and release the emotional grief energy that we are still carrying around.”
(Quotations from Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls by Robert Burney)

The therapist’s focus is to resolve. The issues that bring clients to counseling and to help them to establish or re-establish their lives as a thriving process also. Counseling acts to enliven and release the forces of positive growth already present within you.

The orientation often emphasizes John Bradshaw’s writings and teachings and integrates a humanistic/transpersonal and family systems perspective with a grounding in the Alcohol Anonymous’ 12-step approach to recovery also. In addition to verbal forms of therapy, therapists may utilize symbolic methods (dreamwork, art, psychodrama, and sand tray therapy) that gently yet dramatically create change by invoking the unconscious.

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