Gemstone Healing Therapy

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Gemstone Healing Therapy

Gemstone Healing therapy is a healing modality in the field of energy medicine. Practitioners of this therapy believe gemstones carry certain vibrations when attached with a person’s energy field has the effect of changing effect to counter specific diseases like healing physical, also Emotional & Financial disturbances

Healing properties of Gemstones

Gemstone Healing Therapy

Gem Therapy – Healing at the speed of light

“The future development of medicine lies with treatments based on light and color”
Stephen Hawking — physicist and cosmologist

For thousands of years Ayurvedic healers and Astrologers throughout India and Tibet have prescribed specific gemstones, worn close to the skin, to treat maladies from chronic conditions to infection, as well as enhancing specific cosmic vibrations.  Sunlight passing through the stone would transmit a certain frequency that would be absorbed by the cellular structure of the wearer also. Over time the patient’s system resonates in sympathy with this new influence and healing begins to take place.

Gems have specific vibratory qualities. That may be use to change. And influence the brainwaves. But they can also effect the cellular vibrations in the body. Necessary for healthy functioning of all major organs and glands. They are use to treat depression, anxiety, obesity, pain also. And neurological imbalances associate with hormonal problems.

Gemstone therapy is often term as colour therapy. Because some evidences state that the colour of the gemstone is often match with the colour of the disease. It is subject to cure. Like rubies and garnets are associate with blood disorder. And Peridots and jade. Which are green in colour are used. For high blood pressure, Diamond and moonstones are the fertility stones said to increase mother’s milk and improve sperm counts and many more such similarity also.

Some gemstones have a specific substitute like Zircon is the substitute of Diamond and star ruby is the substitute of the costly Gemstone Ruby. This is because all the gemstones are not affordable and are many of them are rarely found. It is well-known that the impact of substitutes are much lees and milder than the original gemstone, but in the long run it can be utilize to a great extent.


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