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Feng Shui

It is a science that uses the five elements – earth, metal, water, wood. And fire to correct the flow of energy in your environment. Setting the stage for positive changes. Literally translating as ‘wind-water’. Feng Feng ShuiShui or the ancient Chinese art of placement not only works wonders in the house. It is also successfully applied by companies like Walt Disney. Thirty threeHSBC & Citibank.

According to the Chinese. Your luck is made up of Thirty-three percent is dependent on your stars. Thirty-three on your efforts and the balance of your luck comes from your environment. Out of these aspects, we can control the efforts. We put in and our environment. That means we have control over sixty-seven percent of our life. Provided our home is Feng Shui compliant.

Feng Shui very rarely requires breakage and remodelling of your home. It adopts, instead, to you, allowing for the placement of certain key elements to harmonise and balance the energy.

Clutter, of course, has to go. Whether you are actively applying Feng Shui to your space or are just curious about it, one of the basic rules is that your home should be free of clutter. Piles of unused objects in your house accumulate negative chi or dead energy. This eats up whatever positive energy is flowing into your space, slowing down your progress and even affecting your health.

A word to the wise, free Feng Shui tips is often dangerous, as they are generalizations. What may work well for your neighbor could cause havoc for you. Please do not make energy alterations to your space without a professional’s advice.

Dynamic and versatile, Feng Shui correctly applied, will make a tremendous difference to your life, easing away the seemingly insurmountable problems, creating positive energy flow and helping you achieve your goals and dreams effortlessly and easily.

Allow the magic of Feng Shui into your life and enjoy the benefits others have already experienced.

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