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DNA Energy Healings online energy healing

DNA Energy Healings, online energy healing or Distant Energy Healing is a  scientific yet a very divine process. To change & Heal Karma at DNA level.

We Experience Good or Bad Deeds in our life. Based on our Karma. And Karma is Based on our Give & take in our past life or present lifetimes. we accumulate Karma either Positive or Negative based on our Deeds.

Karma which is the manifestation of the law of Cause & Effect. It applies as the consequences of our decisions and actions, within a framework of free will.

We help and guide healing of Karma with divine Grace. By performing certain divine Healing Therapies.

Our DNA Energy Healing process can clear and cleanse Karma. Which we create mostly Ignorantly. We can see this in rainbow colors in Aura picture or Biofield Viewer also.

Why Chose us for Energy Healing

Some of the Unique advantage in the process of our healings are.

One Unique advantage in process of our healing is that. What every you pay a good part of that is offered (Donated) in the social causes of Satguru. As we strongly believe what we are doing cannot be done without the help & Guidance of Divine powers

Benefits Of Regular Energy Healings Distant Energy Healing

We Believe and follow the golden rule of prosperity religiously. Which is whatever goes around for Divine Purpose comes back ten folds and much more.

There is say, that when God gives you problems. God gives you strength and means to tackle it.

we seek help from divine to heal our clients. God too provides them the source to pay for letting their healings done easily.

This way they inadvertently become an instrument for getting their healing done.

So now you have to decide do you really pay for your healings or you be an instrument for getting paid for your healings done etc

We pray to ensure that, all our clients receive the blessings. Generated from the noble cause of Helping or Feeding the Needy etc.

Our clients have been showered with health and financial benefits respectively.

Most Energy Healers work on only Chakra Level and Two other Energy Bodies. i.e. Physical & Etheric Bodies.

But nothing at the Root Level. Therefore the ailment is likely to come back again after some time.

More About Energy Healing Process

We, on the other hand, work on the Root reasons of Negative Energy Accumulation. At the DNA or Cellular level by removing the diseased energy in the Mind & Knowledge Bodies through Karma Healing.

There are Different Types of DNA Energy Healings Techniques. At our Center, We deal with 72 Types of Energy Healing Modalities from which you can choose.

We scan at the energy level to help you decide the most Effective option. which can provide Effective, Fast & Easy Results also.

We do Distant DNA Energy Healings Remedies at root level from past life to Kosha DNA Energy level etc. With combination of Modern Scientific System & Vedic process.

We ensure absolute Etheric Hygiene by scanning. The Healers aura for Healer Being clean before forwarding the case to them. And also see if the Healers is really capable of healing the case as per karmic process

We do all the Aura Energy Healing Distantly with Biofield (Aura). Photography Proofs. If desired by you to make you 100% Satisfied.

If desired by you to make you 100% Satisfied.

As mostly we do all our healings distantly. So, it’s very much easy and comfortable.

Please Note: All our Services get done with 100% Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee. As we have complete faith and confidence in our system that it works miraculously.

We are not working on Assumptions. We work on the confirmed Authentic knowledge of healing for every Individual in a unique way.

Regular Aura Energy Healing

Do you get feeling that something is not right with the energy around you? You feel an imbalance. but just can’t figure what is wrong?

Active and healthy aura means life progresses smoothly. Positive people and situations are attracted energy health, well-being is on a high. And week and Drak Aura is Vice Versa.

Aura scanning can also indicate weak areas of a person’s body & health & predict health issues.  That might exist or crop up in the future. Regular Aura Energy Healing can cure them.


Opening to more Prosperity channels Wealth & Good luck.

To have Clarity of mind. Peaceful & harmonious approach.

Pleasant personality. Luck and fortune always.

Unbound success. Tranquil environment.

Eye catching persona. Glowing face. Young Looks.

Sound Health.  Perfect life synchrony with the ultimate wisdom.

Positive approach towards Life.

Regular Aura Energy HealingImproving the flow of energy in the area of energy supports the self-healing capacity of the body.

In light of modern science, there is a kind of revival of ancient understandings about Aura Healing.

“Laying on of hands,” which appeared in many times and cultures. Is being rediscovered and formulated into healing techniques which are accessible to people in the present moment.

Online Energy Healing – How does it work

As time and space can’t limit spiritual powers, with Remote healers, distant healing becomes possible. Distant healing becomes more useful when there are no physical or geographic limitations. 

Aura Healing Technique is calming and promote the release of stress. It revitalizing and help speed up recovery times for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. 

[(https://smsenergyhealings.com/dna-voice-scanning/) ]

Benefits Of Regular Energy HealingsBenefits Of Regular Energy Healings.

Healing of Energy works purely with the energetic level of our being. While everything is made up of patterns of energy, working directly with energy influences also. The physical, mental and emotional, & spiritual level is thus by nature “holistic.”

If there is illness or disturbance in the body, mind or emotions also. We certainly want to address those levels.

Basic information about each chakra is listed here.

Muladhara or the Root Chakra 
Swadhistan or the Sacral Chakra
Manipura or the Navel Chakra
Anahata or the Heart Chakra click here
Vishuddhi or the Throat Chakra
Ajna or the Third Eye Chakra click here
Sahasrara or the Crown Chakra Click here

To know about what is Aura Scanning & How to Do Aura Scanning Click Here

To Know How to Do Aura Healing Click Here

Make a Request for DNA Voice Scanning by choosing Online Payment Option: Click Here

Also, Make a Request for Aura Scanning by opting Online Payment Option: Click Here

Either Make a Request for ** DNA Energy Healings by choosing Online Payment Option:** Click Here.


Know 30-40 Answers which your heart wants to know. Also, no root causes of difficulties you are facing in your Life or Business.

You will know Every (Doshas) Issue effect in your life EX: In Scanning If we say you Have EVIL EYE (Nazar Dosh) with 7 chakra healing. We will tell you because of EVIL EYE what you are facing in your life.

And when there is a same matching effect is there in your life. Then you have to accept That what is getting told you are very much authentic.

Along with these 7 chakra healing, you will also know if you have any physical discomforts in your Bodies at Physical & Emotional Level. e.g. Diseases or Pains, etc. (Pin Pointedly) And much more. 100% Guaranteed Results.

Also get Heal Pin Pointedly DNA Energy Level without giving any of your details like. Photo astrology or horoscope & Know Pin Pointedly what kind of issues or difficulties also. You are facing in your life or Business like.

Get Solutions to all your Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Issues.

WhatsApp or Call: +918121647878 Website: http://www.smsenergyhealings.com/dna-voice-scanning/

At our Center, we are the consultant for More than 72 DIFFERENT TYPES OF REMEDIAL HEALING MODALITIES. And at the energy level and with Divine Intuition we see. Which one will give you Effective, Fast & Easy Results also? So we give healing consultation on those modalities only which will give you Effective also Fast & Easy Results. 

You will know the Doshas along with the effect of that you are facing in your life. So 7 chakra healing will give you authentic and confirmation that what is getting scanned for you is completely accurate. 

With SatgurusGrace You will Know 30-40 Answers to Questions which your heart wants to know along with. If you have any physical discomforts in your Bodies(Mental, Physical, Aural/Energy), e.g. Diseases or Pains (Pin Pointedly).
For More Details See our Website Pages: http://smsenergyhealings.com/dna-voice-scanning/, http://smsenergyhealings.com/business-energy-healing/ & http://smsenergyhealings.com/our-services/

Dhan Satguru Dev

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