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Dhanteras Remedies Diwali 2017 by Dhan Satguru Dev  … Overcome Poverty and Get Wealthy. – Diwali remedies- Sms Energy Healings

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Sms Energy Healings: Dhanteras Remedies Diwali 2017

Dhanteras Remedies Diwali 2017 to make Goddess Lakshmi Happy

Dhanteras Remedies Diwali

The festival of light had come and where this festival is to become happy and cheerful, this day is also important for making efforts for fulfilling our desires and wishes. It means this day is very significant for adoration and remedies.

Here are some simple Diwali night remedies by which you can fulfil your wishes without any investment of time and money. Following remedies are very easy, miraculous and effective. The most important thing, that there is no harm by doing these remedies. You can choose any remedy out of all the remedies; it depends upon your convenience.

Dhanteras Remedies Diwali 2017 to become wealthy

Remedy with yellow fruit/banana and silver

On the day of Dhanteras buy a fruit of Badhal (yellow fruit with big round seeds with mixed sweet and sour taste) and ran it with the help of a knife and insert little silver (metal) into it. If you are unable to get the fruit of Badhal, you can use the banana stem, insert the silver into the stem, and pour water daily into the root of banana till Diwali.

On the night of Diwali, take out the silver from the stem, make a ring of this silver by the help of a jeweller and wash it with the raw milk and Ganga Jal (water of Ganges), keep it at the place of worshipping.

At the time of worshipping Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha worship the silver ring also with full of devotion; after worshipping the ring with incense sticks and keeps wear it at the same time. Thereafter, on every full moon wash the silver ring with the raw milk, tulsi leaves, and Ganges water and wear it again.

Remedy to Become Rich

Remedy of worshipping Goddess Lakshmi and her Yantra

This remedy is helpful to become rich and it should also begin at the night of Dhanteras and conclude it on the day of Bhai Dooj.

Keep Goddess Lakshmi’s picture and her Yantra (device) on the wooden stool and worship it properly.

Recite the following Mantra with Mala of lotus fruit 5 times daily till Bhai Dooj:

Mahalakshamaye cha vid made Vishnu-Patna ye cha Deema hai Tatro Lakshmi pra choda AAT.

Remedy to overcome poverty

Remedy of reciting Mantra <hide>Sms Energy Healings</hide>

This remedy is to overcome poverty, to become Sms Energy Healingswealthy and for the happiness of the family. The recipe below Mantra for the same:

Om shreem heam kleam lakshminaraayanaa namah.

At the Abhijeet mahurat on the day of Dhanteras, recite the 11 Mala of this mantra, after worshipping the Goddess Lakshmi and Narayana till Kartik Shukla’s Poornima. This mantra is helpful to fulfil above-mentioned desires.

Remedy to increase income

Remedy of Shree Yantra

By wearing the Shree Yantra in the neck, income Dhanteras Remedies Diwali 2017increases. Shree Yantra should be worshipped from Dhanteras till Bhai Dooj daily in Diwali Poojan.

Remedy for Good Fortune

Remedy of OM

This is the simplest remedy. Mix turmeric powder into rice powder, pour some water and make a paste. Draw the “Om” sign with this paste on the entrance door. This should be done on the day of Dhanteras.

At last, We pray that may Goddess MAA Lakshmi bless all of you with her blessings, Jai Mata di. 🙂

Doing Dhanteras Remedies Diwali or as much as you can Astrological solutions on an auspicious day give a very powerful impact

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Greetings to all Satgurus Blessings with you Bless you Dhan Satguru Dev

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