Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra

Crown ChakraThe Crown Chakra is locate on the top of the head. It is also known as the “Thousand-Petaled Lotus”, “Brahmarandhra” (the door to God) or. The “Centre of a Million Rays”. Because it radiates like the Sun. No other light comes close. To the brilliance of the Sun. In the same way. The energy and radiation of all other Chakras pale. In the radiance of the Sahasrara Chakra.

Sahasrara Chakra

In the Sahasrara Chakra exists an important power – Medha Shakti. Sahasrara ChakraMedha Shakti is a hormone that influences brain functions such as memory, concentration, and intelligence. Yoga or Mind Training exercises can activate and strengthen Medha Shakti.

Violet in color, it symbolizes purity of mind and body and is the strongest link to the spirit world. It is related to the right eye and upper brain.

Problems in this area cause confusion, depression, and lack of enthusiasm and inspiration, migraines, forgetfulness, senility and psychotic disorders.

Through this transcendent connection, we experience unity, enlightenment, bliss and Oneness.

We know, not intellectually, but we know within the essence of each cell that there is no division, no barrier, and no limit to form, for we are all connected in a vast expanse.

It is the essence of “One for all and all for One”.

In this state, we are fully conscious as we embody the energy of all 7 Chakras together and united in a reality beyond the physical. It is also beyond ego, as we embody the characteristic of surrender, in a place of deep humility before the Infinite.

Numerically we have arrived at the seventh chakra and it is ruled by the element of thought. In Sanskrit, this chakra is known as Sahasrara, which means Infinite.

The crown chakra is physically found at the crown of the head, anatomically known as the anterior fontanel (that soft spot felt in babies before the cranial bones close). It includes the cerebral cortex, brain, nervous system and the pineal gland.

Unbalanced Crown Chakra Symptoms

Although it is rare to find individuals on earth who have experienced a true transcendence and opening of the seventh chakra, it is very possible. The experience can come through practiced meditation or it can arrive spontaneously.

I have been fortunate to experience both situations, yet I am far from being purely balanced at this level, as I am still growing, still learning and yes, still living in ego at times!

When we are unbalanced at the level of the seventh chakra, it leads to the following:

  • Abuse of life; Or abuse of others;  Also abuse of animals
  • Denial of spiritual union and life beyond the physical
  • Religious Extremism

Ask yourself these questions to see if you have any stuck energy in your crown chakra.

1.  Where and when do you experience joy and how often?
2.  Where can you release judgment in your life toward yourself &  others?
3.  When do you feel peaceful?
4.  How often to you take the time to be still and quiet or meditate?
5.  Can you see the beauty, sweetness, abundance and joy of your life?
6.  Do you have a clear sense of purpose?
8.  Do you believe that every experience is an opportunity for growth, development, and expansion?
9.  Do you have a ritual or daily practice that helps connect you to your inner wisdom and higher self?

Balanced Crown Chakra Manifestations

In a full Kundalini Awakening, we experience all nodes and energy meridians of the body open and connected to the rhythms of the universe. No longer is there an ‘I’, or ego, but Oneness of all.

In this balanced, open and receptive state, the seventh chakra will manifest as follows:

  • Bliss or Samadhi
  • Not being of this world
  • The experience of Oneness

Yoga Exercises to Heal & Balance Your Crown Chakra

There are many detail yoga sets and meditations that we could discuss when looking at balancing each of the Seven Chakras.

Because of the need for proper and supervised instruction, I go into great detail on healing and balancing the chakras in my Chakra Kundalini Yoga Retreat Program, but for now, let me leave you with a few poses to get you started at home:

  • Ego Eradicator
  • Mahabandha (the great lock)
  • Sat Kriya
  • Focusing at the tip of the nose
  • All Meditative Exercises
  • Bowing, as you bring the top of the head to the Earth

These are the some of the Yoga Exercises to Heal & Balance Your Crown Chakra

seven major chakras

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To align your Crown Chakra Or Chakra Balancing All chakras and bring harmony into your life book your chakra healing session here.

Dhan Satguru Dev

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