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“Everything breathes space Rebirthing therapy, conscious energy BreathWork is the inspiration of Life. Within all living forms of reality.

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Breath Work

All matter is in a continual. State of particle exchange.

In humans, breathing Spiritual is biological. A spiritual expression that renews life also. Propels awareness. And focuses body-mind functioning. In Time space also.

Spirit of Breath

The Spirit of Breath, in this case, refers to the multi-dimensional also. Collective intelligence naturally seeks harmony. Balance and fulfillment. Seems to surround. And guide the act of conscious breathing.

Working therapeutically with the Spirit of Breath. Inspires most aspects of the client-therapist relationship. And provides for a heightened. The sense of safety, honesty. Integrity and reality.

In general, the goal of any breathwork therapy is. To support people. In achieving a greater sense of self-awareness. An increased capacity for self-healing. And overall improvement in mental, physical. And spiritual well-being. Breath Work therapists. Or Breath Workers as they are sometimes called. Guide participants through. Various therapeutic breathing techniques.

There are several kinds of breath works. Program available today. Many of which have similar, foundations. 

How to do Holotropic Breathwork

In holotropic breathing technique. The goal is to achieve “wholeness” of mind. Body, and spirit. Sessions are facilitated. By certified practitioners. Who has complete the  Transpersonal Training program? With the aid of “evocative” music. And occasional bodywork. Participants are guided through. Breath ex-others raises. While lying down. In order to induce altered states of consciousness. Often conducted with groups.

Holotropic Breath Work allows people to work. And support others processes. Participants usually create mandalas. Related to their Breath Work experience immediately. Following the group breathing exercises. Sessions conclude with sharing. And discussion to help participants integrate. What they have learned about themselves. 

Conscious Energy

Conscious Energy
Conscious Energy

This type the of Breath Work. Also known as Conscious Energy Breathing. Is based on the premise that. All humans carry with them. The trauma of their birth experience. After allegedly re-experiencing his own birth in his bathtub. Leonard Orr was inspired to help others. Find the same inner peace.

The goal of Rebirthing is. To help individuals release the energy. Blockages that have been stored. In the body. And mind due to suppressed trauma. In treatment, participants are asked to lie down. Relax, and breathe normally. Through the use of “conscious connected circular breathing”. Inhibitions surface. And the tensions of past trauma are illuminated. Deep relaxation is used to promote brain waves. That lead to the release of subconscious issues. And pent-up energy. 

Breath Work is based on the idea. That most people do not breathe. To their full capacity.

The main goal of a Breath Work Practitioner is. To teach people how to breathe fully. In order to release the emotional energy. That keeps them stuck. Therapy begins with an in-depth interview. About present concerns. And past experiences.

Sessions include in-depth intuitive counseling. Somatic exploration. And one hour of circularly connected. Breathing practice.

Rebirthing Therapy

The therapy is known as Rebirthing therapy. Work is a specificRebirthing therapy breath work techniques.

Its popularity is due to the simplicity. Which people can get quickly. Past the mind. And open the doors of the heart.  Often the clients are referred. By the psychotherapist. And the therapies are used. In conjunction with each other.  It is claimed it aids personal growth. By releasing past traumas. On the physical, mental. Emotional and spiritual levels.

How to do rebirthing breathing

Sessions usually last 2 to 2 and a half hours.  It is recommended. A person has 10-12 sessions.  Re-birthing breath-work is unrelated. To other techniques. Also named birthing’.

What Conditions Does Breath Work Treat?

Chronic pain
Anger issues
Addiction issues
Trauma and post-traumatic stress
Grief and loss
Emotional effects of physical illness

Although all forms of Breath Work therapy. Are center on the act. Of breathing in and out. Each model incorporates. It’s own Work exercises. Overall, Breath Work exercises involve deep. Focused breathing that lasts. For an extended period of time. Some examples include.

Continuous circular breathing. Using full deep breaths. Participants breathe in and out continuously. Without holding their breath at any point. This continuous in. And out creates a circle of breath.

Immersion in water: The participant is. Partially or fully immersed in water. Asked to breathe deep. Either above the surface. Or with the aid of a snorkel. Although not as prevalent. As it was in the 1970s. This Rebirthing technique. Has historically produced dramatic results.
20 connected breaths: The participant is asked. To breathe in and out 20 times. Four sets of four short breaths. And one deep breath. It is suggested that. The breathing is done through the nose. Participants may experience. “non-ordinary” states of consciousness. As a result of this exercise.
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