Bach flower

Bach flower

Bach Flower

This therapy is a type of homeopathic aromatherapyBach flower. Developed in the 1930s. By British physician Edward Bach (1886-1936). It claimed to have psychically or intuitively discovered. The healing effects of 38 wildflowers. His “discoveries” arrived at by “inspirations.” For example, while on a walk he had an inspiration. That dew drops on a plant heat by the sun. Would absorb healing properties from the plant. He claims that all he need to do. Was hold a flower or taste a petal. And he could intuitively grasp its healing powers. From these intuitions. He went on to prepare “essences” using pure water and plants.

Bach claimed that these wildflowers have a soul or energy with an affinity to the human soul. The flower’s spiritual energy is transferable to water. Devotees drink a homeopathic concoction of flower essence, mineral water, and brandy in order to get the flower soul to harmonize their own soul’s energy. Bach thought that illness is the result of “a contradiction between the purposes of the soul and the personality’s point of view.”

This internal war leads to negative moods. And energy blocking, which causes a lack of “harmony”. Which leads to physical diseases. “Each of the 38 flowers of the Bach system. Is use to balance specific emotional pains. Or in advanced stages of the lack of balance. To remit physical symptoms” [personal correspondence]. I have no idea what is meant by saying that this therapy “works”. But I do not see how it could be tested since its main claims are metaphysical, not empirical.

Dr. Bach seems tame compared to the pioneering work of others who have followed in his petals. In California, it has been discovered that the humble Forget-Me-Not is good for “increasing your awareness of karmic relationships beyond the threshold.” And Mugwort is good “for awareness of dreams and conscious control of one’s psychic life.”

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